Over 50% of Software companies in EMEA region say they have a hard time recruiting and retaining Sales Professionals…

Is this your case too?

The problem

Recognize any of these problems when your Software company is recruiting Sales Professionals?

Not getting enough applicants

Losing great candidates to your competitors

Not meeting the right quality of candidates

The solution

Recognizing the war for Sales Talent in the Software industry we decided to create a system called SAM™, in short SAM™ is about Selecting, Attracting and Managing candidates ready and hungry for new opportunities.

SAM™ is designed to enable our clients to hire top-level Sales professionals in the Software sector across the UK and Scandinavia.

Attract the top 15% of the sales candidates

Get results dramatically faster

Hire the right people for your business to avoid costly mistakes.


The SAM™ process


Selecting is about choosing what type of candidate profile we should target, we discuss the role that you need to fill and we get to know your company so we can represent your opportunities in the best way possible to the right candidates.


After the selecting process we start the Attracting phase, we target, speak and interview candidates that fit the profile we initially set. We will get back to you with a Shortlist containing candidates that fit the role and are interested in your company and a potential move.


We are getting close to the end! You have meet the candidates you wanted to meet and now its a matter of Managing and putting the deal together. We are with you all the way until you are completely satisfied!


Common roles we recruit for in the Software industry

In our growing database we have thousands of Sales Professionals with key experience within the Software sector. Within sales roles we feel confident that we can supply you with the candidates you need.


- Vice President of Sales
- Sales Managers
- Sales & Account Executives
- Regional Sales Executives
- Key Account Managers
- Account Managers
- Managers Strategic Accounts
- Client Success Leads
- Business Developers
- Pre-sales Consultants

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